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General Information

Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930
A collection of documents made available online by Harvard University. The documents are searchable, but the browseable list is excellent. Also includes a timeline.

Migration Policy Institute
The MPI is devoted to studying the movement of peoples world-wide. They track the issues important to immigrants as well as governmental policies that effect them.

Issue Guides: Immigration
Public Agenda has aggregated a wealth of information about American immigration. Included are primary source documents, legislation, case histories and statistics.

U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
This site is designed to assist new arrivals to America in their quest for citizenship. Pages are also given for immigration laws and regulations, as well as forms for fees and fingerprints.

Center for Immigration Studies
This organization provides background information on a variety of immigration topics including illegal immigration, wages and poverty, and guest workers. Plus articles of current interest.

Rights of Immigrants
The American Civil Liberties Union's issues page. An overview of American immigrants' issues, including discrimination, workplace rights, and refugees.

Immigration and a Changing America
This data sheet provides information on the populations that have come to the United States recently, and predicts future trends. Issues covered include work, education, income and poverty, and residence. From the Population Reference Bureau.

Asian Americans

Asian Voices
This section of Digital History explores the Asian American experience from the 16th century through World War II. The last part, "The Newest Immigrants" is a piece recounting a boy's experience in Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, and subsequent move to the US.

From the Library of Congress American Memory Collection. Covers information through the internment in World War II. Excellent site.

Though this site is directed primarily to recent Asian immigrants, researchers will find it very useful, too. Topics covered include the history of Asian immigration, the culture of the group, and issues effecting them, including affirmative action, gangs, and politics.

Chinese Immigrants and the Building of the Transcontinental Railroad (under construction, 10-12)
This page covers the use of Chinese men and women to help with the building of the railroad.

Japanese Immigrants in Oregon
Essentially a brief summary of a book called The Hood River Issei, this page gives an Oregon slant to the fact of Japanese immigrants in the U.S.

German Americans

From the Library of Congress American Memory Collection. Includes facts about farming and urban German immigrants. Excellent information.

The German Americans : An Ethnic Experience
This full-length book online book was originally published in Germany. Chapter two, Why Germans Left Home, is especially useful. Very comprehensive. Includes some illustrations.

German Immigration
From the emuseum of Minnesota State University. Briefly discusses the area in Western Europe defined as "Germany," and why its inhabitants wanted to leave. Has a Minnesota slant.

Irish Americans

From the Library of Congress American Memory Collection. Includes major contributions of the Irish in America, plus a discussion of the racial tensions betweeen the Irish and other immigrants perceived as threats to the economy. Excellent site.

Journey to America
From the ThinkQuest, a brief overview.

Home for the Heart
An overview of the Irish immigration exhibit of the American Immigration Law Center.

Italian Americans

From the Library of Congress American Memory Collection. Though Italian immigration to America pretty much began with Christopher Columbus, this site focuses on following centuries.

Italian American Culture and History
Read here about the people who came to the United States from Italy, and some of the contributions they made to our society.

Italian Immigration to the U.S.
This paper, written by a student the the Foundations in Area Studies for Translators program is a thorough introduction to the four waves of mass migration of Italians to America.

Mexican Americans

Hispanic Americans
This site covers all Western Hemisphere Latino groups, including Mexicans, Puerto Ricans. Topics covered include labor, politics, discrimination, and history.

Scandinavian Americans

A brief account of the history of the Swedes emigration, beginning with the first explorers. Includes separate sections for the Finnish, Norwegians, Danes, and Icelanders.

Norwegian Immigration
This page discusses why Norwegians left Norway for America, where they settled, and what they did when they got here. From Minnesota State University.

Norwegian Migration to the USA
This page is rather chatty about the author's family history, but does impart some interesting information regarding the first Norwegian settlement in the United States.

Illegal Immigration

Issues: Illegal Immigration
A list of articles that cover the issues surrounding illegal immigration including public health, economic costs, enforcement and sanctuary, among others. From the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

America's Secret Labor Force
A Business Week article examining how illegal immigrants effect the economy.

Why Amnesty Isn't the Solution
This article from FAIR, discusses why giving amnesty to illegals currently in America would not solve the perceived problems of immigration.

Tired and Poor
An article from the National Review examines the question: Is illegal immigration good for the United States?

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