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What’s Happening This Week September 15 - September 20
  Good Luck Dragons! 

 Tuesday, September 16:
Boys Soccer hosting McNary Varsity at 4:00 & JV at 6:00, Dism 2:45 (Both games will be on the Varsity Field) *Schedule Change
Volleyball at South Albany 5:00/6:00, Dism 2:45, Lv 3:00

Wednesday, September 17:
Cross Country at Willamette Mission Park in Gervis (Lebanon, Woodburn & S. Albany) 2:30, Dism 11:15, Lv 11:30

Thursday, September 18:
Girls Soccer at St. Helens 4:00, Dism 12:45, Lv 1:00
Boys Soccer hosting St. Helens 4:00, Dism 2:15
Volleyball hosting Corvallis 5:00/6:00
Freshmen Football hosting Woodburn 5:30
JV Football at Woodburn 5:30, Dism 3:00, Lv 3:15

Friday, September 19:
Varsity Football hosting Woodburn 7:00

Saturday, September 20:
Cross Country at Three Course Challenge (Camp Rilea in Seaside)
Varsity Volleyball Tournament at Dallas High School, Start time 8:00


Gate Prices for Dallas High School Sporting Events

Adult ... $5

Student ... $4

DHS Students with ASB Card are Free

Childrent 6 & Under ... Free

Seniors (60 & Over) ... Free

** Endowment Games, Tournaments, Play-In and Play-Off Game ticket prices subject to change.


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Simple guidelines for the parent of an Athlete (by Proactive Coaching-Bruce Brown)

Before the first game ask yourself the following questions: Then ask your child the same questions. If your child's answers are the same as yours, then great, support your child. If your child's answers differ from yours, then drop your goals and accept theirs.
Here are the red flags that indicate that you haven't "released" your child: Still signs but less serious: During the game
  1. Be there. However, if you've been to every practice and game since they were four, don't go sometime and see what your athlete wants to bring back to you.
  2. Model appropriate behavior. Bruce videotaped himself early in his coaching career and found that what he thought of as intensity came off as scary ugly! He reformed. To develop kids who will be poised and confident under pressure, we must model the same.
  3. One instructional voice. This needs to be the voice of the coach. Kids find it very confusing when they hear multiple people. Encouraging voices are OK.
  4. Focus on the team, not on your little darling.
  5. Choose one role. There are four roles - player, coach, spectator and official. Everyone gets to choose one.
After the game

When kids are asked about bad memories from athletics, the most consistent answer is the car ride home with mom and/or dad after the game.
Here's how to make that car ride home a positive: