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Distinguished Educators 2014-2015

Our mission is to recognize excellence in teaching and learning.
Excellence that extends beyond the classroom walls;
Excellence that makes a life changing impact for our students;
Excellence that builds our future . . . one student at a time.

-October 29, 2014

Monday, Dobie Long, counselor at Dallas High School was presented with the first Distinguished Educator Award for the 2014-15 school year.


Dobie was nominated by Kathy Cole, a parent of three students who graduated from DHS. She shared these comments about Ms. Long:

·         Dobie is always willing to give me time and explain things to me no matter what else she has going on.

·         She follows through with each request and always answers my questions.

·         I fell like she truly wants all of the students to succeed and is always willing to give everyone her time.

·         She treats everyone as though they are special.


Here is what other students had to say about Ms. Long:

·         Dobie gave me the encouragement to follow my dreams

·         She is kind and warm hearted

·         Dobie is absolutely fantastic – she always follows through

·         “The best person in the world”

·         Not only does she do all her counseling work, she also plays music perfectly for our school plays


Please join us in congratulating Dobie. She is a very special person and a great asset to DHS and Dallas School District!


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