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Distinguished educators 2015-2016 

April 2016 - Susan Jones


On Friday, May 20, 2016, Susan Jones, Educational Assistant at Whitworth Elementary School, was presented with the April Distinguished Educator Award.


Her nominator was Kathy Slack, parent of a child she assisted with.


She shared these comments about Mrs. Jones:


  • She is very caring, compassionate, understanding, helpful, an all-around amazing person.

  • She has helped my child with his home to school transition.

  • Whenever I’ve asked for help, she is there without question.

  • She has a calm, caring presence.

  • We never feel judged or rushed.

  • I will be forever grateful for her genuine concern for my child and our family.



Here is what other students had to say about Mrs. Jones:


  •        She is the most amazing person in this school. She is loving, caring, and kind to everyone. Even when it is hard she is so caring.

  •        She is a sensitive caring teacher. She is one of the nicest in this school.

  •        When I’m angry, she helps me calm down.

  •        She’s a good recess teacher.

  •        She helps people.

  •        I love her!

  •        She helps people do what they want.

  •        There’s no words to describe it, she is the best!


Please join me in congratulating Susan!


March 2016 - Julie Janssen


On Wednesday, April, 13, 2016 Julie Janssen, Behavior Specialist at LaCreole Middle School, was presented with the March Distinguished Educator Award.  


Her nominator was Rhonda Hays, colleague of Julie


She shared these comments about Mrs. Janssen: 


  • She is nothing short of exceptional at whatever she does.  

  • She goes above and beyond to support staff, students, and parents daily. 

  • Staff love and admire her. 

  • She is always patient and kind. 

  • She works hard to redirect students towards better behavior, and they love her for it. 

  • She advocates for students and thinks outside the box as to how to best support them in whatever they may be going through. 

  • There are no limits to Julie's creativity as she finds ways to offer support to our students.


Here is what others had to say about Mrs. Janssen:


  • She is really nice and helpful to everyone. 

  • She helps everyone with their problems. 

  • She is a considerate person and does her best to take care of people. 

  • She is kind. 

  • She's an excellent thinker. 

  • She's amazing!


Please join me in congratulating Julie!


February 2016 - Stephanie Hofferber


On Friday, March 4, 2016, Stephanie Hofferber, 1st grade teacher at Lyle Elementary, was presented with the February Distinguished Educator Award.


Her nominator was Andrew Woolsey, parent of a former student.


He shared these comments about Mrs. Hofferber:


  • She played a critical role in helping my son make measurable academic gains but also in his willingness to learn.

  • She gave my son something to really enjoy about school and always kept us updated on his progress.

  • She was extremely observant with his behavior and was able to provide feedback to really help my son.

  • She played an active role as an advocate in other meetings and reviews which really showed how much she cared.

  • Her dedication to her students and genuine care for their well-being will change the lives of many of our future generations.


Here is what others had to say about Mrs. Hofferber:


  •          She has kindness.

  •          She cares for others.

  •          She helps teach us.

  •          She cleans up messes.

  •          She helps us.

  •          She shows love to us.

  •          She’s beautiful

  •          She cares for us.


Please join me in congratulating Stephanie!


January 2016 - Deanne Harms


Friday, February 19, 2016, Deanne Harms, Media Specialist at Whitworth Elementary was presented with the January Distinguished Educator Award.


Her nominator was Dori Grzybowski and students Morgan Smith, Emma Smith, Colby Smith and Kenna Rosenbalm.


They shared these comments about Mrs. Harms:


  • She serves as a bright, technical resource to both students and staff.

  • She is passionate about augmenting technology and provides staff and students with an outstanding role model.

  • She is curious, self-motivated and very open and adaptive to change.

  • She is an amazing teacher that helps everyone when they need it.

  • She makes learning fun and easy by using technology and other fun stuff, she does fun projects that everyone loves.

  • She is very nice and has taught me many things in technology I didn’t know.

  • She got me interested more in reading.

  • Every morning I walk into the library she has a shiny smile on her face – she is ready for the day.

  • She’s nice, works hard, and helps people understand technology.



Here is what others had to say about Mrs. Harms:


  •          She always suggests books.

  •          She’s kind.

  •          She makes Battle of the Books and other assignments fun.

  •          She’s a tech wizard.

  •          She explains things nicely.

  •          She has a kind heart.

  •          She never gives up.


Please join me in congratulating Deanne!


December 2015 - Stacy Fagin


On Friday, January 8, 2016, Stacy Fagin, 1st grade teacher at Lyle Elementary was presented with the December Distinguished Educator Award.  

Her nominator was Lee Letsch, parent of two students from Mrs. Fagin's class. 


She shared these comments about Mrs. Fagin: 

  • Stacy's warm personality and rapport with her current and past students is excellent. 

  • Her willingness to adapt her classroom lessons and try new strategies continually demonstrates her motivation towards her students.  

  • I can honestly say she is one of the best teachers they have had. 

  • She helped my son get started on his speech delays and got him the help he needed, she constantly pushed him to be better and try harder. 

  • She makes a difference in the lives of her students by her ability to create a rapport with them that helps each one understand what her classroom expectations are and how to meet them.  


Here is what other students had to say about Mrs. Fagin: 

  • We work quietly a lot. 

  • She lets us have extra recess. 

  • She reads us a story

  • She's amazing

  • She helps us learn to know better


Please join us in congratulating Stacy!


November 2015 - Tammie Hall


On Friday, December 4, 2015, Tammie Hall, educational assistant at Oakdale Heights Elementary was presented with the November Distinguished Educator Award.  

She had two nominations, one from Jennifer Reinhardt, former special education teacher at Oakdale and David McCarty, parent of a student Tammie Worked with.  


They shared these comments about Mrs. Hall: 

  • She always makes us see that there is hope and to not give up. 

  • She is such a positive influence on my son and he can't seem to remember anything else he did during the day except for with Mrs. Hall. 

  • She is a genuine Rock star.  

  • She has tremendous skill in working with children with special needs and building relationships with them. 

  • She is true to her word and trustworthy to many kids who are incapable of trust. 

  • She never stops seeking to improve her teaching skills and is happy to share her knowledge with others. 

  • She loves kids, they know even when they mess up she will love them. 

  • She has such wisdom with children who struggle with behavior. 

  • I have seen many children benefit from her work in their lives. 


Here is what others had to say about Mrs. Hall: 


  • I really feel like we are a family in this classroom and she is the heart of the family. 

  • She has the best in mind for staff and students. 

  • We couldn't do it without her and I am blessed at having her in our classroom. 

  • She puts her heart and soul into those kids and is a huge part of the success of this program. 

  • Tammie is always coming up with fun, new ideas for staff and students to use in the classroom.  We couldn't do it without her!


Please join us in congratulating Tammie Hall!



October 2015 - Trenda Locke


Monday, October 26, 2015, Trenda Locke, PE teacher at Lyle Elementary was presented with the October Distinguished Educator Award at an all-school event.  


Her nominators were colleagues from Lyle Elementary School.  


They shared these comments about Mrs. Locke: 


  • No one is more deserving than Trenda

  • She is an outstanding PE teacher and leader

  • She is a respected colleague and friend

  • Her students love her because she makes PE fun

  • Trenda has the heart for the "hard kid", she is able to see the best in them and encourages others to see it too

  • She is passionate about her commitment to Lyle and the entire school district

  • She is involved with countless committees and groups

  • She was instrumental in getting the Dragon Run off the ground

  • She is always positive and self-reflective

  • She is the consummate team player who will help others, she strives to make a difference


Here is what some of her students had to say about Mrs. Locke: 


  • She's the best teacher because she is cool

  • She is our good luck teacher

  • She's the greatest teacher in the whole wide world

  • She teachers us sports

  • She is the best teacher

  • She is really cool


Please join us in congratulating Trenda!


September 2015 - Craig Button


Craig Button, PE teacher at Whitworth Elementary was preseseted with the September Distinguished Educator Award.    


His nominators were students from Mrs. Ackerman's 4th grade class, Amy McFarland, former colleague at Whitworth Elementary, and Sheila Myers parent of two students in Mr. Button's PE class.  


They shared these comments about Mr. Button. 

  • He shows how to fix mistakes kindly. 

  • He's fun, helpful, and takes time to memorize our names. 

  • He has awesome activities like glow in the dark dodge ball and pogo sticks. 

  • He is funny, he's always playing funny songs during PE like the Gummy Bear song. 

  • He's easy going and caring. 

  • He goes above and beyond organizing fun events for students such as the bike ride, field day, staff vs. 5th grade basketball game, plus many more! 

  • He teaches students good sports etiquette and the importance of being physically fit. 

  • He inspires kids to do their best. 


Here is what other students had to say about Mr. Button:  

  • He's awesome because he lets us play fun games. 

  • Mr. Button takes us bowling in 5th grade. 

  • He's always there to help us. 

  • He's kind. 

  • He keeps us healthy and makes sure we are fit. 

  • He never gives up on us. 

  • He calls us funny names. 

  • When you fall down, he'll help you up.  


Congratulations, Craig Button!!!

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