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The goal of Advisory Group (AG) at Dallas High School is to know every student by name, strength, and need, and prepare them for life after high school. Advisory Group ensures that every student is provided care and connection as well as adequate career, college, and life-readiness development.


In 2017, Advisory Group began in hopes of connecting every student with a staff member that could get to know them over the course of their 4 years in high school. Since the program started, it has quickly become a vital component to our school culture at DHS. The connections made in AG are the most unique parts of the program. The bond between students and their AG teacher begins when they are introduced at the end of 8th grade and concludes at graduation when their teacher hands them their high school diploma. The AG teacher is there to provide encouragement and support every step of the way. 


In addition to the care and connection component, Advisory Group provides multiple opportunities for academic preparation, future planning, and self-discovery, and currently fulfills the “Careers” credit requirement for graduation.The students also build connections with each other and it is really special to see students from all different backgrounds get to know and support one another! Our hope is that AG becomes a home within the high school and provides a community to every student. 

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