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Distinguished educators 2018-2019

June 2019 - Keeton Luther

Keeton Luther, 4th grade teacher at Whitworth Elementary, received the Distinguished Educator Award.  His nominator was Desiree Harris, a parent. 

Here are some of the things Desiree had to say...

  • He has been great support in my daughter's emotional, social and academic growth. 

  • He listened and took everything shared into perspective. 

  • His support has given my daughter the desire to attend school. 

  • She has grown socially and emotionally. 

  • He feels like she fits in, she feel like she belongs. 

  • I can't give enough thanks. 

Here are some of the things Mr. Luther's students had to say.....

  • He's very funny!

  • He's nice

  • He shows his emotions

  • He's very generous and things about others

  • One of the best teachers I have ever had! 

Please join us in congratulating Keeton Luther!

May 2019 - Melissa Nielson

This week we had the opportunity to honor a distinguished educator from Oakdale Heights Elementary, Melissa Nielson.  Her nominators were Emily Forsythe and Trina Gloria. 

Here is what they had to say....

  • She is always encouraging her students

  • She keeps learning fun

  • The climate of the classroom is always positive

  • She gets to know each student in her class

  • She always has a smile on her face

Her first grade students stressed she never gives up. 

Please join us in celebrating Melissa Nielson, Distinguished Educator for May 2019 

March 2019 - Melissa Glazner

On Friday, March 22 Melissa Glazner was recognized as a Distinguished Educator. Melissa teaches at Morrison. She was recognized for her "magic way" of designing classes to be engaging and foundational in building academic success for students who come in at varying academic levels. She supports students with tutoring to help them pass their state assessments. Melissa is invested in not only her students' academic achievements, but their general well-being in life. 


Student comments....

  • She actually cares about us and listens to us

  • She treats us all like family

  • She is really fun to joke with and she gets our jokes

  • She makes it fun to be in class

  • She works hard with everyone to make sure they understand

  • I wish she was my mom

  • Her teaching style is serious with a fun twist

Please join us in celebrating Melissa as a Distinguished Educator.

November 2018 - Erin Sutro

Erin Sutro was awarded our November Distinguished Educator Award. 

Her nominator was Cole Ratzlaff.

Here's what Cole had to say:


  • Mrs. Sutro helps kids that need it and checks us frequently.

  • She has a hard job and comes to school when she's sick (but not contagious).

  • She makes sure each and every student knows what is going on and understands what she is teaching.

  • She is dedicated to us students.


Please join me in congratulating Erin Sutro!

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