Inclement Weather Informaton

 January 10, 2020


 Dear Dallas School District Families:


 Happy New Year!


This letter contains important information as we head into the winter months. In the event bad weather disrupts school bus traffic in the mornings, one of four ways of dealing with the condition will be released to area radio and television stations in time for broadcasts beginning at 5:30 a.m. The same information will also be placed on the school district web site and on the Facebook pages of each school and the district.  Please click on the button titled “Closure Status” to your right.  Also, any school closure or school delay decision will be communicated through the district telephone notification system. 


1.  School closed. Classes will not be held and buses will not run. All extra-curricular activities and practices are cancelled.


2.  Two-hour delay.  Morning bus runs will be delayed two hours, as will the start of



3.  Snow routes only; NO delay.  Some roads will not be traveled. Buses will run as close to schedule as possible. If the snow routes occur in the A.M., buses will remain on snow routes for the P.M.


See below for roads and areas affected when buses are on snow routes. 


When the decision is made to utilize snow routes the buses will not travel on the following roads: 


Barnhart Road                                                                        McTimmonds Road

Bridlewood Drive                                                                   Mistletoe Road

Burbank Road                                                                         Oak Villa Road

Clay Street (West of Oregon Ave.)                                        Oakdale Road

Cooper Hollow Road                                                              Orchard Knob Road

Ferns Corner Road                                                                 Pedee Creek Road

Fir Grove Road                                                                       Pioneer Road

Fir Villa Road                                                                         Reuben Boise Road

Frost Road                                                                              Robb Mill Road

Gage Road                                                                              Salt Creek Road

James Howe Road                                                                  Shady Lane

Kerber Road                                                                           South Church Street

Liberty Road (North of Falls City Highway)                         Teal Creek Road

May Road                                                                               West Ellendale (West of Robb Mill Road)

At times our higher elevations take longer to clear, but the buses can safely travel some of the lower or more heavily traveled roads.  When this is the case we will report 

modified snow routes.  When modified snow routes are posted, buses will not travel on:


Barnhart Road                                                                        McTimmonds Road

Burbank Road                                                                         Oakdale Road

Cooper Hollow Road                                                              Orchard Knob Road

Ferns Corner Road                                                                 Pedee Creek Road

Fir Grove Road                                                                       Pioneer Road

Frost Road                                                                              Reuben Boise Road

Gage Road                                                                              Shady Lane

James Howe Road                                                                  Teal Creek Road

Kerber Road                                                                           Liberty Road (North of Falls City Hwy)

West Ellendale (West of Robb Mill Road)


4.   Two-hour delay AND buses on snow routes.  Morning bus runs will be delayed two hours, as will the start of school. Some routes will be altered. The routes are listed above.


Other Important Information:


Students with driver’s licenses and parents are encouraged to be extra cautious when driving in bad weather, especially when driving on days of a delayed school opening or when buses are on snow routes. There may be ice or even snow on the roads when these occur. Parents are reminded that they make the final decision about whether it is safe for their child to attend school on bad weather days. When a child cannot attend school due to bad weather, the school office should be notified and the absence will be excused.


If the roads look bad or if there has been ice or snow, listen to the radio or television or visit the school district website for possible closure or delays.


Please advise your child not to wait more than 20 minutes beyond the designated pick-up time for their bus. They should return to their homes at that time.


In any emergency, the Superintendent, or designee, will decide whether or not students should be sent home. The decision may be to send them home immediately, or to keep them in the schools indefinitely under continuous supervision until the emergency has passed. Should the students be held in their respective buildings, parents may pick up their children at school. These decisions will be communicated using the same processes used for school closure and described in this letter. 


 Please contact the Office Manager at your school if you have any questions.