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covid-19 2020-22

Most Recent Postings from the District

New Dashboard Visualizes How School Metrics Apply To Each County


This is a very helpful tool to monitor county and statewide COVID 19 metrics -- created at our own WESD.   Click on Polk County (or any county) to see the results.  We're using it, and watching it carefully. linked on the ODE website.

Face coverings flyer.jpg
Pre screening for employees chart.jpg

Resources for Families

School District Info.                                      County Info.                                             State Info.                     

School district


Polk county

state of oregon 

Effective Handwashing Video

Cloth Face Covering

Physical Distancing

People with Increased Risk

COVID-19 Symptoms (English)

COVID-19 Symptoms (Spanish)

Stop the Spread (English)

Stop the Spread (Spanish)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Reducing Stigma

How well to masks work? 

Mask Myths debunked




​Phone Apps

Counseling Agencies

Independent Providers 

Crisis Lines

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