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 Dear Dallas School District Families:                                                                  October 26, 2023

This letter contains important information as we head into the winter months. In the event that inclement weather disrupts school operations, we will notify local radio and television by 5:30 AM.  The same information will be placed on the school district website, FlashAlert Newswire, and on the Facebook pages of each school and the district.  Any decision to close or delay the opening of schools will also be communicated through ParentSquare

Four kinds of inclement weather notifications: 

1. School closed.

2. Two-hour delay. All buses will run regular routes two hours late.

3. Snow routes only; NO delay. See snow routes on the school district website or by clicking this link. Only the routes listed are affected when buses are on snow routes. If a route number is not listed, it will operate as close as possible to the scheduled pick up and drop off times. If the snow routes occur in the A.M., buses will remain on snow routes for the P.M.

4. Two-hour delay AND buses on snow routes. Buses will run two hours later than the times listed on the snow routes.

School District website:

FlashAlert Newswire at this link: 

Important Information –
All drivers should be extra cautious when driving in bad weather, especially when driving on days of a delayed school opening or when buses are on snow routes. There will be ice or snow on the roads when these occur. Parents are reminded that they make the final decision about whether it is safe for their child to attend school on bad weather days. When a child cannot attend school due to bad weather, the school office should be notified and the absence will be excused.  If the roads look bad or if there has been ice or snow, listen to the television or visit the school district website for possible closure or delays.  Please advise your child not to wait more than 20 minutes beyond the designated pick-up time for their bus.  They should return to their homes at that time.  

Closure during a School Day –
It may occasionally be necessary to send students home from school early due to the threat of severe weather or other emergencies. Parents should select a "second home" (preferably a neighbor) where their student may stay in the event they are away from home.

In any emergency, the Superintendent, or designee, will decide whether students should be sent home. They may be sent home immediately, or kept in the schools indefinitely under continuous supervision until the emergency has passed. These decisions will be communicated with the same processes used for school delay or closure, and described in this letter.

Please contact your school office staff if you have any questions.

Steve Spencer

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