Healthcare Committee Purpose Statement


This committee was formed because of the rapid and far-reaching changes occurring in the health care industry as a result of nation-wide health care reform.  All DSD employee groups have expressed concern over what the changes might mean to their association members.  This group consists of members representing all associations and all buildings in the district.  The expectation of this committee are:


          a.  To be a forum for discussion of health benefits related changes


               Dallas School District.

          b.  It will investigate employee concerns to determine fact vs. myth.

          c.  It will make recommendations regarding best way to communicate

               information that will be most useful to staff. 


Committee Members


  • Heather Shinn, Chair

  • Gloria Lundin

  • Kelli McGuire

  • Rich Slack

  • Brian Green

  • Bob Mahoney

  • Monique Lankheet

  • Stephen Travis

  • Dennis Engle

  • Debbie MacLean