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 Dallas School District supports English Language

Learners and provides English Language

Development (ELD) services, including: 

  • We support families with translation and                           interpretation services

  • We collect home language surveys during                             student registration

  • Families may opt out of ELD services if they                               wish

  • DSD Teacher trainings include GLAD, SIOP,                               and Constructing Meaning

  • English Language Learners annually complete                                the Oregon English Language Proficiency                                       Assessment (ELPA).  ELPA scores and                                           information are shared with families to communicate their child's growth and skills

  • Dallas School District is part of the Title 3 Consortium.  Many of our partnering districts in the consortium are small to mid-size school districts surrounding Salem. 

English Language Development service contacts include: 

Grades K-5:   Mara Arnold,                                               503-623-8367

Grades 6-8:   Charlotte Vidrio,                                           503-623-6662

Grades 9-12: Devin Hammill,                                            503-623-8336

Whole Child Administrator: Todd Baughman,                    503-623-8480

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