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Morrison Campus Alternative School

Morrison Campus Alternative School

1251 Main St.

Dallas, Oregon 97338



Fast Facts

Principal                                          Todd Baughman

Program Manager                         Annette Anderson

Office Manager                              Carmen Halcom



Colors................................Blue and White



School Schedule 


Morrison Campus

8:30 a.m. Start Time

2:30 p.m. Dismiss Time




Print the application, fill it out and mail it to:        

     Morrison Campus

     1250 Main St. 

     Dallas, OR 97338 


call           Annette Anderson at 503-623-8480

or email


Building Facts

Morrison Campus Alternative Program (MCAP) is housed in the south wing of the old Morrison School building, on the corner of Ash and Main Streets.  The Dallas School District offices occupy the west wing.


Morrison School was built in 1935, and during its history has housed students from kindergarten through high school.  In 1999 it became the home of the district’s alternative high school program.  In 2002, when the district suffered severe budget cuts, Morrison became a charter school, and underwent significant renovation as part of the charter agreement.  In 2006 the district did not renew its charter, and MCAP again became a district program.


As part of the capital improvements bond passed by voters in 2009, the building got a new boiler, new energy-efficient windows, and new lights for the gym.


Program Facts


MCAP serves 11th and 12th grade students who are not successful in the traditional high school setting.  MCAP’s small classes, fewer transitions, and individualized program provide an environment in which many formerly unsuccessful and “at risk” students thrive and even excel.  Approximately thirty students graduate each year, and many go on to further education.


MCAP currently has three teachers, and can serve approximately 54 students.  We strive to keep our classes at 18, so that we can provide the personal attention each student needs to be successful.  Because of our small staff, we do not offer extra-curricular activities, but MCAP students are welcome to participate in Dallas High School activities, subject to OSAA eligibility.


Vision Statement


Morrison students will graduate from high school with a high school diploma and the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the next phase of their lives, and to be good neighbors and respected citizens.


Mission Statement


We help students achieve personal, academic and career goals through a supportive learning environment.




At Morrison, students, staff and parents work to have a clear understanding of expectations to provide the best possible chance for student success.  Each staff member is committed to providing a safe, supportive and caring environment with a strong academic focus.  The staff is also committed to nurturing positive educational relationships with students, parents and community – relationships built on mutual respect and cooperation.


Three Basic Rules for All Morrison Citizens


Show up every day and be on time.


Work to the best of your ability.


Be respectful and cooperative.

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