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Section 504


District Federal Programs

Oakdale Heights Elementary

Lyle Elementary

Whitworth Elementary

LaCreole Middle School

Dallas High School  
Autymn Galbraith  
Pally Mann
Todd Baughman
Rachel Alpert
Darrick Bruns
Kayce Lilley
Stacie McGraw, Toni Hannon
Joy Maddy

The Americans with Disabilities Act, often referred to as Section 504, requires Dallas School District to make accommodations to meet the needs of individuals with "a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of such individual." The needs of such an individual can typically be met through modifications and accommodations in the environment and do not require special instruction.


When a student is suspected of having a disability that interferes with receiving an education a referral should be made to the Student Support Team. (SST). The SST team makes determination and if needed, a referral is made to the building 504 coordinator.


Specific procedural requirements include the following:


  • Eligibility established by Team consensus;

  • Annual Review of the 504 Accommodation Plan

  • The classroom teacher is responsible for providing accommodations and modifications identified in the 504 Accommodation Plan

  • Reevaluation occurs at least once every three years.

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