finance committee



The Board recognizes it is critical to be good stewards of public funds by ensuring transparency, accountability and efficiency in the District’s financial policy and practice.




Finance Committee


a. Committee consists of members of the board, district administration, budget committee, community leaders,  parents,  business staff etc.


b. Committee meets publicly and frequently through beginning of budget process.


c. Business Office to provide education about current fiscal issues and challenges, bringing expert presenters as requested or needed.


d. Goal of committee is to produce specific ideas and recommendations related to developing a long term sustainable financial plan, improving financial practices and ensuring transparency in district reporting.


e. Committee has access to all financial documents and information.


f. All District Program expenditures may be reviewed.


g. Committee recommendations must support district mission statement of:





Committee Members


  • Dave Morris – Chair

  • Linda Fox - Vice Chair

  • LaVonne Wilson

  • Rich Slack

  • Stephen Travis

  • Mike Bollman

  • Michael Blanchard

  • Trista Girt ‐ Staff

  • Debbie MacLean ‐Staff

  • Mike Holland



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