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Charge of Committee

  • Statement of Purpose

    • Serve in an advisory capacity to the Dallas School Board, Director of Fiscal Services and Superintendent by providing review and oversight of Dallas School District fiscal operations. ​

  • Responsibilities

    • Be familiar with the district's annual budget. ​

    • Review cash flow and money management matters as needed. 

    • Act as a resource to help address fiscal matters and/or discuss fiscal issues. 

    • Serve in an advisory capacity to the Dallas School Board in development of budget priorities. 

    • Serve as a resource to the Director of Fiscal Services, Superintendent and School Board for fiscal decisions such as uses of special funds, priority determinations and budget reductions. 

    • Serve as a liaison to the school district community. 

    • Recognize the importance of being an ambassador to Dallas School District. 

Committee Members


  • Dave Morris – Chair, Community Member

  • Ed Dressel - Vice Chair, Community Member

  • Steve Spencer - Superintendent

  • Tami Montague - Director of Fiscal Services

  • Trista Girt - Fiscal Analyst

  • Matt Woolsey - Community Member

  • Robert Spivey - Community Member

  • Charlotte Riester - DEA President

  • Kelli McGuire - OSEA President 

  • Lu Ann Meyer - School Board Member



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