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Our Food and Nutrition Services Office was recently notified of nation-wide school milk carton shortages with intermittent availability over the next couple of months, with impact to all of our food vendors. This is a result of supply chain packaging issues and will impact milk served to students across all of our schools at breakfast and lunch.  

The USDA and ODE State Offices have provided guidance that: “if emergency conditions temporarily prevent a school that normally has a supply of fluid milk from obtaining delivery of such milk, it may allow the school to serve meals during the emergency period with an alternate form of fluid milk or without fluid milk."

What does this mean for students?

  • Sometimes we may not have milk during breakfast or lunch. We plan to prioritize milk for breakfast when available. 

  • We will offer additional juice selections during lunch for students whenever available.

  • We will also have cups for water, and encourage students to bring their own water bottles to fill up.  

Please share and communicate with your student(s) about these anticipated and ongoing shortages around school milk. Thank you in advance for your patience and support as we navigate these challenging shortages. 

If you have any questions, you can reach our Nutrition Team at 503-831-3947

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