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Dallas School District No. 2 is committed to an educational program that recognizes, identifies, and serves the unique needs of talented and gifted students. Talented and gifted students are those who have been identified as academically talented, and/or intellectually gifted as defined by state law and administrative rule. Our goal is to provide classroom instruction and implement appropriate strategies designed to meet their advanced level and rate of learning, maximizing all TAG students individual potential.



District students are currently identified in one or more of the following three areas:


Intellectually Gifted

Academically Talented in Reading

Academically Talented in Math



Dallas School District serves elementary TAG students in a regular classroom model. The classroom teacher makes appropriate modifications for each TAG student’s rate and level of learning.


Middle and high school students have a variety of service options. These include, but are not limited to, advance placement classes, accelerated classes, Honor’s Options, Expanded Options, Extended Campus Program, Honor’s Diploma, credit by exam, modifications within classes and enrichment options. In all classes TAG students should receive modifications that address their assessed rate and level of learning. In some cases, the adaptation may be the advanced or above level course.