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Polk County and Oregon Resources  

Local nd State Resources
ASD Support Group Dallas

Dallas Oregon Autism Family Support Group Facebook Page

2017 Tax exemption

2017 Tax Exemption for Parents of Children with Disabilities. Contact your child's case manager or Sped department at the district office for more information!

Dallas Academy Building

Polk County Developmental Disabilities (DD) Services Link. (link updated 1-3-18)

Mid-Valley Parenting

Mid-Valley Parenting "Strengthening families through parenting education" check out their class and workshop offerings in our area!

Mid-Valley 211 Marion, polk, yamhill

Serves Marion, Polk, and Yamhill Counties. Various services including emergency food & shelter.

oregon family support network

Oregon Family Support Network hosts various events and has resource links on their site.

dallas community foundation

Dallas Community Foundation. Non-profit that supports people in the Dallas area.

Juliette's House

Juliette's house located in McMinneville offers child abuse counseling and prevention services. (including online safety and exploitation) They have resources for Parents, adults, teens, and kids.

Access Technology Inc. Salem, OR

People can rent and purchase devices and technology through them. They also do assessments to determine best tech for individuals. Located in Salem.


Autism Society of Oregon. Lots of resources for parents and people on the spectrum.

C.A.R.D. Salem

Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD). There is a center located in Salem, OR. There isn't information regarding the certifications or licensure of their staff. Be sure to ask any service provider about their qualifications.


OHSU Family and Youth page. Links to services, information, grant opportunities, and other programs.

Oregon Council on Dev. Disabilities

Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities. Our mission is to advance social and policy change so that individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and communities may live, work, play and learn together. Our vision is that all communities welcome and value people with disabilities and their families.

youth move oregon

Non-profit organization devoted to improving the systems that serve youth and young adults. There is a Salem group.

Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Khan Academy. Learn anything for free. Great for parents who need to help children with homework. Or give students a new learning opportunity if they are struggling or just like to learn!


Interactive calming website. So awesome but...some images are weird. Parental discretion advised. Enjoy!

National Autism Association

Great resource for autism and safety. Plus additional resources and latest research.

Different Roads Expert Articles

A great website for learning and teaching people with alternative learning styles.

Autistic Not Weird

Chris Bonnello. Talks about his journey and has very important insights about being a student. Food for thought.

Dr. Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin explains her journey and gives suggestions to help others make their own way in the world.

Autism Women's Network

"Our goal is to dispel stereotypes and misinformation which perpetuate unnecessary fears surrounding an autism diagnosis. We seek to share information which works to build acceptance and understanding of disability. Welcome to AWN!"


A fantastic resource for reading comprehension lessons for all reading levels no matter what grade. They do all the planning for you!

Unlock greatness in the 1 in 5 who learn differently. That's Eye to Eye's vision, as the only national organization run by and for people with learning "disabilities" such as dyslexia and ADHD. From one-on-one mentoring and inspiring speakers to large-scale culture change, Eye to Eye's outcomes focus on the strengthening of essential social-emotional skills, including self-esteem, self-advocacy, and community building.

ADHD Kids Rock! For our ASD kiddos who also have ADHD.

Custom earplugs for a variety of situations. Made in Portland, Or

Emergency Wrist bands for people with disabilities.

Portland Autism Center, LLC. Has providers if you live in the Portland area but they also have a list of resources that might be helpful.

Spectrums Magazine has a variety of articles, resources, and news relating to people on the spectrum.

A Space for Aspies and people who love Aspies. Some adult content: parental guidance suggested.

AngelSense GPS tracking systems designed for special needs community.

StimTastic stim jewelry and toys. "Because stimming is what we do." I like the metal stim jewelry for older folks! Stims can be cool and fashionable.


The Center for AAC and Autism. They do Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP). It helps non-verbal/limited verbal people engage in a variety of settings. It is pretty slick!

Student Resources

Student Resouces
Cool Math 4 kids

Fun website with all kinds of math games. Fun while learning!

Fun Brain

FunBrain Learning website.


Learn to read and other school readiness activities.


Learning website for elementary level students.

Lyle Elementary School

Lyle Elementary School. They are the Lion's! Click to go to their website.

Oakdale Heights Elementary School

Oakdale Heights Elementary School. They are the Eagles! Click to go to their website.

Luckiamute Valley Charter Schools. They have a K-5 campus in Bridgeport and 6-8 grades at Pedee campus.

Colorful Chalks

Sidewalk chalk is a fun way to decorate outside! Here's a recipe for an adult to help you make your own.

Boy Coloring

When there's nothing to do make art at home! Think of cards you can make for people, or a cool picture to decorate your room.

Star Stickers

Stickers are a good way to decorate your things. You can also use stickers to tell stories if you have a hard time drawing.

Garden Hose Sprinkler

Playing in the sprinkler is a fun way to cool off and water the lawn. Be sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin!


Bubble gum is pretty yummy! Just remember to spit it out in the garbage when you're done!

4 Singing Sheep

Singing Sheep sing a Christmas Carole. 4 sheep band. Interactive. Great for people who like repetitive sounds and actions.

Tree Frog

This is a very colorful tree frog!



Cat and Dog


Colorful Bubbles

Bubbles look cool. You can make your own using regular dish soap and a few other kitchen ingredients. Show this link to an adult to help you!

Teen and Adult Resources

Teen and Adult Resources

1-800-273-8255 Talk to someone if you feel like you are going to hurt yourself.

The Salem-Keizer bus company Charriots/CARTS does transportation training. You can check out their site and fill out a form to request a trainer to help you. They will ride with you to get to your destination and show you how to read bus schedules.

Willamette Promise

Willamette Promise information page for students and parents.

Career pathways

Career pathways RIASEC Test can help you identify areas of interest and industries you might consider for employment.


The Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Navigating College project.


Oregon Work Ready links to WorkSource Oregon and National Career Readiness Certificate information.

Planning my Way to Work

A transition guide from the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities. The Autism team has a hard copy available for check out as well.

Business training works

If you're not getting call backs or are having a hard time at your current job you can try..."40 Etiquette Tips" and other free and fee based employee training courses and webinars. There are some really good free topics to choose from!

Puberty: Guide for teens w/ASD

Puberty: A guide for teenagers with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their parents. Provided by Autism Society of Oregon.

AWN logo

Autism Women's Network. Information and blog for teens and adults with autism. And parents, too!

autistic not weird

Facebook page. Lots of interesting articles and sharing experiences about growing up and being an adult on the spectrum.

Money Instructor

Money Instructor. Online banking simulator. learn how to navigate online banking without risking real money.


My Kids Bank. A simulator about all aspects of banking. Great for classroom instruction and role play. Requires a teacher or adult to be the bank manager. Can be used to "pay" allowances and "debit" accounts. It is not a real bank.

Spectrums magazine. Not just for's for families and educators, too!

The Simple Dollar. All kinds of financial information including Social Security Disability Benefits and what you need to know.

Wrong Planet. A space for Aspies and everyone else who loves an aspie. Adult content: Parental guidance suggested for some content.

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