Board of Directors 

School Board Zoom Meeting Link for October 28, 2020 

   Board Meeting - 2:30pm

Meeting ID: 835 2179 3775     Passcode: 500293

The Board is committed to the public comment process and will consider all public comment seriously. Members of the public may submit public comment in writing prior to the meeting. Please note, the Board will only accept written public comment when holding virtual meetings. 


Please send written comments to or mail comments to Dallas School District, Attn: Juli Lichtenberger at 111 SW Ash Street, Dallas, OR  97338.

  • Clearly label the subject line as: "Public Comment" and include the topic.

  • All public comment must be received two hours prior to the start of the meeting.  

The Dallas School Board is made up of five board members who each are elected for a four-year term into the volunteer position.   The members are elected from the community at large and their zone does not represent a specific region in the Dallas community.


Board meetings are generally held the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. They are held at 111 SW Ash Street in the board room. Agendas are posted on this website 24 hours prior to a Monday board meeting. 


A regular board meeting (those held at 6:30 p.m. the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month), are business meetings of the board. There is an opportunity for public input at these meetings. The School Board follows the guidelines they have set for public participation: Public Participation Procedures


The School Board meets in each school in the district once per year in a work session. The reason for these work sessions is to hear reports from staff on meeting the learning needs of our students. These meetings are open to the public, but are held during the day so all teachers can attend.


The board also conducts work sessions on specific topics as the need arises. These meetings are less formal in nature and therefore discussion occurs more directly with the board.

The school board annually designates several advisory committees made up of community members, district staff and board members.  These meetings are public and patrons may attend.   


For community members wishing to be involved in one or more of the board’s committees or are interested in the work of the board, please contact the board secretary and she’ll put you in contact with the superintendent or board chair.


The board must always act as one governing body. Individual board members cannot make decisions on behalf of the entire board nor deliberate on topics outside of the public meeting. They cannot act on parent or patron complaints as individual board members, but must instead refer them to the appropriate school personnel or the entire board.


Serving our school district is a passion for each of our board members. In order to make the best decisions possible, they work to be informed and knowledgeable regarding our district and our community.


Board Secretary:  Juli Lichtenberger, 111 Ash Street, Dallas, OR 97338



Dallas school district board of directors

Michael Blanchard (Chair)

Term Expires 6-30-2021

Michael Bollman

Term Expires 6-30-2023

Dave Hunt

Term Expires 6-30-2021

Matt Posey

Term Expires 6-30-2023

Jon Woods

Term Expires 6-30-2021

All public meetings, assemblies and celebrations held by the Dallas School District #2 are required to be accessible to persons with disabilities under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Accommodations are available upon request to persons who require alternatively formatted materials or auxiliary aids to ensure effective communication and access to events.  Please allow at least ten business days to arrange for accommodations.  All requests should be sent to:  DO Reception,   Dallas School District #2,   111 SW Ash Street,   Dallas, OR  97338      (503)623-5594    OR      email