Below are the critical dates for meeting the vaccination requirement outlined here. 



  • First dose on or before September 12, 2021.

  • Second dose 21 days following.



  • First dose on or before September 5, 2021.

  • Second dose 28 days following


Johnson & Johnson

  • Single dose on or before October 4, 2021.


The dates above are based on my calculations from information found here


You can use this to help find a vaccination site. I can't guarantee all the links work for every provider but it does offer options. Additionally here is information on vaccine locations and clinics in Polk County. Lastly, attached is a flyer on clinics in Polk County.


The Oregon Health Authority Schools and School-Based Programs Vaccine Rule

FAQs also address medical and religious exceptions. These exceptions will require submission and approval prior to the October 18, 2021, date. While this date has not been established it is likely to be early in October.  If you plan to seek a medical exception please note that a signature by a medical provider is necessary so plan accordingly.

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